Aphotic Spectre – Vaeneration

Another interesting novelty coming from Brazil is the one called Aphotic Spectre, a duo whose members are the instrumentalist Breno Xavier and the vocalist Thiago Satyr. The debut album, Vaeneration, is credited to the funeral doom genre but, in fact, it presents several cues that move the sound sometimes towards the dark gothic, especially in the moments when clean vocals prevail, mostly psalmodic but effective on the whole. The use of vocals can recall both Pantheist and our own Plateau Sigma, although the level of Aphotic Spectre, however good, remains a notch below the names mentioned. This comes from a sound that manages to convey emotions intermittently, resulting from the inclusion of massive doses of classic doom in the composition, which in the long run, making the sound more epic, but at the same time brings out a few too many imperfections. For a first work there is anyway to be more than satisfied and the future goal for Aphotic Spectre could be to maintain for a whole work the level touched with the opening track Torn Asunder, which remains the best of the context together with the darker and painful track Obnioxious.

2021 – Cianeto Discos