Berlin-based Praise The Plague are a recently formed band, having made their debut in 2019 with a first full length entitled Antagonist, followed by this new one The Obsidian Gate. The sound offered can be traced back to a black metal strongly intertwined to a sludge doom matrix of interesting workmanship, with the usual alternations between intimist passages and violent outbursts always denoting a certain melodic nature, even in the apparently more extreme moments. If the formula is by now tested and heard from every angle in these years, it must be said that the good intensity with which the German quintet elaborates the matter is worthy of some attention, since here never emerges certain mannerism that manifests itself in the proposals of bands from the older service status. The Obsidian Gate is a very good album, maybe not essential, but potentially a harbinger of interesting developments.

2021 – Lifeforce Records