For Alan Averill, Dread Sovereign has become more than just an impromptu side project, as it might have seemed at the time of the release of his debut ep Pray to the Devil in Man in 2013. In fact, on closer inspection, since then the Irish vocalist has released more often under this moniker than with his historic parent band, Primordial. As always happens, the singers with a particular style (as is the case of our Nemtheanga) strongly characterize the work in which they lend their voice, regardless of the style proposed; Dread Sovereign have in common with Primordial not only the vocalist but also that epic aura that the style of Averill, although turned to different tones, helps to enhance in both cases. To speak of doom, in this case, could be partially misleading, because the rhythms are often more pressing and, if some common trait with the classicism of the genre can emerge in more than one moment, to cloak everything is a full-bodied dark drape that draws lymph from both the gothic rock of the nineties and the heavy metal of occult matrix. All that remains is to immerse yourself in Alchemical Warfare, an album that offers about fifty minutes of inspired and enthralling music, perhaps even more than that offered in the last decade by the same Primordial.

2021- Metal Blade / Fono Ltd.