Shadecrown – Solitarian

If you had to choose an album as a possible compendium of Finnish melodic death doom, this Solitarian, Shadecrown‘s third full length, would probably be one of the ideal candidates. After all, there is little to object about the work of a band that offers eight tracks (seven of standard length, while the final title track exceeds fifteen minutes) in which the sub-genre is performed in such a captivating and intense way, with a certain unbalance towards the death component of the sound. All good, then? On the whole, yes: Solitarian can be listened to with pleasure from the first to the last note without ever getting bored, even if all this happens without any hint of originality. In fact, Shadecrown are magnificent assemblers of melodic and leaden sounds at the right point and they carry out this task with such competence and mastery that the possible objections pass in the background, especially since the already mentioned last track shows a more elaborate face of ours, which show to have in their ropes also some refinement and variation on the theme, if necessary. In short, the listening of Solitarian is a pure enjoyment and there isn’t a single superfluous track or in any case without passages capable of attracting like the sirens’ song, but in the melodic death doom field in recent times there have been several superior albums, if we take the emotional impact as the main indicator.

2021 – Inverse Records