Burial Choir – The Eucharist of Martyrs

Although in 2016 I had imagined Burial Choir to be a likely one-off project, Mikko Lehto, again accompanied by Mika Havumäki, has pleasantly proved me wrong by giving a follow-up after five years to the worthwhile Iconoclast. The Eucharist of Martyrs is an album equivalent to a sort of lectio magistralis on funeral doom: an excruciating and incessant guitar work weaves poignant melodies that intersect with growl and the usual slow and inescapable rhythmic cadence. In the background you can hear from time to time those death bells that were already present in Iconoclast, to give a sign of continuity compared to that first work; the difference is that in The Eucharist of Martyrs everything is performed even better and removing that sense of impromptu that pervaded at times the debut album. Burial Choir play a funeral strongly marked by their land of origin, with a painful but not desperate pace, a symptom of a widespread feeling of death to which there is no other possible reaction but a painful but composed acceptance. Considering that The Eucharist of Martyrs anticipates the release of Skepticism’s new full length, we can say that the autumn slope of 2021 firmly returns to Finland the role of indisputable cradle and forge of funeral doom.

2021 – Fallen Temple