A Thousand Sufferings – Stilte

I had dealt with the Belgian band A Thousand Sufferings several years ago, after which I had somewhat lost sight of them. The Flemish guys had already given a good proof of their skills in 2015 with Burden and, after the release of another full length in 2018, Bleakness, they come back with Stilte, a new work that consolidates the level previously reached. The quartet’s black doom is clearly of central European origin, so its harshness is mitigated by a melodic sense that differentiates it from the Nordic school; moreover, especially in the first track Geen helden meer, some reminiscences of Cultus Sanguine emerge for its exasperated drama, a band that anyone who faces these shades of the genre should necessarily have in their baggage, consciously or unconsciously. The album is convincing in every aspect, which could contribute to better penetrate the name of A Thousand Sufferings through the dense mesh of the metal underground.

2021 – Immortal Frost Productions