Graveyard Of Souls – Infinity Equal Zero

Graveyard Of Souls is a band I’ve talked about many times in the past and I must say that I’ve always considered this Iberian duo a more than decent interpreter of death doom, but nothing more. The leap in compositional quality that Angel Chicote has shown in the last two years with his funeral project Ornamentos Del Miedo has not spared even this other creature of his, where he doesn’t do everything alone but has been helped since the beginning by the rough voice of Raul Weaver (except for the instrumental album Mental Lansdcapes). In fact, listening to Infinity Equal Zero, released only two months before Ecos, it’s easy to find the confirmation of an important compositional progression, which in the case of Graveyard Of Souls is exhibited through the performance of a death doom with a melodic afflatus often irresistible, all without sacrificing the harsher component of the sound. The seven tracks don’t show any failure and Angel loops with a surprising continuity guitar passages involving and well memorable, leading the listener easily to the end of these fifty minutes of excellent quality. The almost simultaneous release of two works so good in stylistic areas contiguous but distinct as are the death doom and funeral makes us guess what is the status currently achieved by the good musician of Burgos, which, however, as far as we know, seems to have closed definitely with Infinity Equal Zero the story of Graveyard Of Souls, presumably to focus entirely on Ornamentos Del Miedo.

2021 – Satanath Records