Elusive Travel are an American band active since the turn of the century who, after releasing two full lengths, stayed put for about ten years before returning to a new long-distance work only in 2019. This latest Soul Desertion offers a good example of death doom that is much more essential and less melancholic and poignant than that which can be heard in Europe, although it does not skimp on the darkness of the sound. In fact, the focus of Elusive Travel is more the atmospheric impact than the search for the painful guitar melody and, as a counterbalance, there is also a marked use of scream by the good vocalist and founder of the band Chris Dalcin. As already said for other works in the field, Soul Desertion is a good listen but still lacks a last effort to go up a level and carve out a wider space thanks to a proposal from the traits possibly even more incisive.

2021 – Independent