Dead Summer Society – Decades

The year 2021 sees the return of Emiliano Santoro, through his project Dead Summer Society with which he had already made his mark in the last decade with a handful of good works.It is worth remembering that the musician from Molise was the soul and founder at the beginning of the century of How Like a Winter, one of the first gothic doom bands in Italy, where the role of vocalist was occupied by Marco Benevento, who would then take off with The Foreshadowing. This new Decades is an album with autumnal flavours that are announced since the cover and then made tangible by a sound mostly intimate tones led by a guitar in the foreground, in which the main element of rupture are the harsh vocals of the guest Dominik Winter, singer of the German blacksters Frigoris, only at times softened by female vocals. Pastel colours tending to grey cover six really beautiful tracks, soaked with a melancholic afflatus that can sometimes remind the most reflective passages of Novembre, just wanting to give a reference. Decades is the work that I was waiting for a long time by Santoro, after that with previous works (including the excursion into ambient territories with Last Winter I Died) the potential had been exhibited without yet finding with continuity an expression well focused and defined as it happens on this occasion. Finally, Emiliano can now take advantage of the support of a label of a certain weight as the German Northern Silence, able to spread in a more structured way the inspired interpretation of gothic doom.

2021 – Northern Silence Productions