Subterranean – A Myriad Of Eyes

Subterranean is the name of one of the many extreme projects in which the New Hampshire musician Leonard Trombly is involved, but it’s, of course, the one that interests me the most, being aimed at a rather orthodox and valid form of funeral doom. The two long tracks included in the demo A Myriad Of Eyes are not absolutely a first with this moniker because Leonard had already briefly tried his hand at it in 2014 with a track of about five minutes, and it is therefore not wrong to consider this new work as the real first step by Subterranean. Without inventing anything new, Trombly evokes the ghosts that hover in his mind, wrapping them in an essential but highly effective sound, with a good melodic and atmospheric taste, broken up by a growl that could be improved in the future. The twenty minutes of A Myriad Of Eyes, despite their apparent linearity, are suggestive of a reality with a not inconsiderable potential.

2021 – Independent