Apathy Noir – At the Edge of the World

Viktor Jonas started to move in the Swedish extreme scene at the beginning of the century playing in the demos of the black metal band Nattstrype, then he changed his way and dedicated himself to his own project called Apathy Noir, decidedly more devoted to less stinging sounds in the form of a melodic death doom with progressive inclinations. At the Edge of the World is the fifth full length with this moniker and it’s also the third one in which Jonas is joined on vocals by Andrew Walmsley, English singer known for his militancy in the excellent Twilight’s Embrace. The album in question reserves the only harshness especially in the use of growl, alternating also with a convincing clean voice, while overall the sound winds soft and persuasive without touching particular emotional peaks but, at the same time, without even waning the listener’s attention. We are on a satisfactory average level that makes Jonas’ work worth listening to, although it doesn’t seem easy for him to carve out a leading role in the scene, more for overcrowding than for his own demerits, as the flattering critical acclaim obtained in the past can testify.

2021 – Artnoir Productions