Éla – Éla

As a demonstration of the fact that dedicating oneself to certain genres in Italy is not exactly ideal, if the goal is to obtain an even minimal feedback from the public, this interesting debut work of the Trentino band Éla, published last June by Endless Winter, has passed substantially under silence and has been ignored so far (with the meritorious Metalhead exception) even by the many national webzines of the sector. The problem, if you can call that of the good MarcoSg, composer, vocalist, guitarist and founder of Éla, is to propose a death doom that does not have those appealing appeals able to tickle the palate of the already small number of fans who usually follows the subgenre: in fact, the sound offered in this self-titled full length is very dry and essential, but no less incisive and sharp, despite not possessing the vis melodic, just to stay in our parts, a band like Ghostheart Nebula. But not only notes and poignant passages nourish the average listener, because the doom when expressed with competence, even in a form more enclosed in itself, has an equal artistic value with the difference that the emotional impact is revealed with diluted time and is therefore more difficult to grasp if you do not pay the necessary attention. Since the title track placed at the opening it is possible to catch a harsh approach but always well rooted in doom territories, opting more often for slowdowns of funeral matrix rather than for angry accelerations of death type; the recent landing to the conformation of real band of Éla, after the first steps occurred as a solo project, gives solidity and consistency to a sound that has perhaps its only flaw in a certain stylistic uniformity and, probably, the ideal compositional outlet MarcoSg finds it in Pan and in The Lighthouse, tracks in which the variations and guitar textures are noticed from the first step. Finally, another point of merit attributable to the sound of the band from Trento is not to remember in a marked way a band in particular and, therefore, although not showing marked peculiarities, it can be defined personal enough and not obvious; I hope that everything stated above will push those who want to read these lines to support this new project, already worthy of attention but with a potential yet to be fully expressed.

2021 – Endless Winter