Mlelm – Mourning Silence

Mlelm is the name of the atmospheric doom project of Milad Tokmehchin, an Iranian musician who has been living in Germany for some time. Mourning Silence is his latest ep, probably his most mature release in terms of style, and marks, at least according to Milad himself, an important turning point also at a conceptual level. In fact, the sense of dull despair that often accompanies works of this tenor creeps into narrow cracks to find an outlet in a hope (perhaps illusory) well outlined by the poems of Sara Tavakoli used as lyrics for the first three tracks. The sound of Mlelm is mostly rarefied, with traits often close to ambient and with rare passages more robust, moments in which the musical term of comparison become the Officium Triste and, partially, even the Clouds; although short, the work proves to be a demonstration of good talent for this interesting musician, whose compositional sensitivity is clearly perceptible along the three main tracks (splendid When I Die), followed by the outro ambient noise Tauschung.

2021 – Independent