Confirming his intention to devote all attention to his funeral project, putting aside the death doom of Graveyard Of Souls, Angel Chicote returns with Destierro, a remarkable new ep by Ornamentos Del Miedo. However, it must be said that, although only a few months have passed since the release of the full length, in reality the compositional process of the two works was completed exactly one year apart, so if it is legitimate to expect sounds not dissimilar from the previous work, it’s also understandable that in the meantime has emerged some small variation in the form of an atmospheric and melodic breath even better defined and well distributed in the two long tracks Destierro and Tiempo. Angel’s interpretation of the genre is not revolutionary, but it has that touch of personality that can make the difference to allow the good Burgos musician to carve out a relevant space, allowing him to assume the role of potential standard-bearer of the Spanish funeral, in light of the prolonged Of Darkness’ break.

2021 – Ruido Noise Records