Evocator – Chronicles of Pestilence

Who is looking for a death doom in perfect balance between the two components of the sound and without any particular melodic or atmospheric impulses should give a listen to this debut of Evocator, an anonymous Swedish reality that has behind a handful of demos between 2007 and 2010 and then reappear at the beginning of the year with this remarkable ep entitled Chronicles of Pestilence. The three long tracks that bring the work to half an hour in length are soft and enveloping, marked on a trend that leaves no doubt about the legality of the insertion of Evocator in doom; that the musician (probably a solo project) behind the moniker is someone who is familiar with the matter is perceived in every step of a work that always maintains a high level of tension. Certainly the autarchic nature and the total lack of handles that are not related to the music are an obstacle to the dissemination of this excellent example of death doom, without frills but able to come directly to its goal of plunging the listener into an inhospitable environment without resorting to particular brutality, as happens in the most extreme performances of the subgenre.

2021 – Independent