Sinistral Doom – Beyond Twilight’s Embers

After remaining silent for a few years, following the release of the excellent homonymous work by Graven Dusk, Yves Allaire (aka Evillair) has recently come back to life with other solo projects, the most interesting of which is called Sinistral Doom, where the thread with doom is reknotted. Beyond Twilight’s Embers is a rather short ep, with its three tracks for twenty minutes of music, but it is sufficiently exhaustive about the always good familiarity of the Canadian musician with dark and enveloping sounds, excellently composed and well performed despite the fact that everything is marked, as always, a strict DIY. Despite the fact that his attention has recently been focused mainly on the depressive black creature Nordicwinter, the good Yves would do well to cultivate with conviction this new stream of composition that contains the seeds of a melodic death doom of considerable thickness.

2021 – Independent