Engraved – Rehearsal MMXXI

Finally I have the chance to listen to a funeral demo composed with the necessary competence and played and recorded in a satisfactory way. I say this because, unfortunately, at least eighty percent of the cases offer rambling solutions that to define simply amateurish would be too generous. Costa Rican band Engraved don’t hide behind a finger and make explicit without hesitation their sources of inspiration, which are the noblest possible starting from the fathers Thergothon to pass through Worship, Mournful Congregation and Esoteric. Obviously we are far from reaching those levels, but the road taken is the right one, because the monotonous track of twenty-five minutes is characterized by an orthodoxy that, as I often say, is a merit especially for those who take their first steps in the subgenre. The sound drags painfully with suspended rhythms not dissimilar to those of their German inspirers, while a melodic veil is the thin thread of conjunction in a work where the three guys from San José even dare a short drum solo on an ambient basis. In short, a really encouraging first step for these interesting Engraved.

2021 – Dry Cough Records