Sepulcros – Vazio

Transcending Obscurity has been for years now one of the best forges of record as far as death metal is concerned, but when Kunal remembers to catch also some bands veering towards doom the results are certainly not less: an eloquent demonstration is this debut album of the Portuguese Sepulcros, who since the moniker clearly communicate what to expect from their full length Vazio. The death doom of this quintet, formed by musicians of good experience within the fertile scene of the extreme underground of the Portuguese capital, is definitely adherent to the stylistic elements of the nineties, drawing sap from the British masters but making the sound devoid of melodic cues, favoring a creeping and painful trend, bordering on funeral in more than one case, which is occasionally let loose with some outbursts. The whole thing is very low-fi, so those who are looking for clear sounds should keep quietly away from it, but I personally think that this is appropriate to a way of understanding the subgenre in an ancient way, letting the heaviness of the riffs oppress the listener, leading him step by step to that void (vazio, in fact) that, of more or less contained dimensions, is an unwelcome guest in everyone’s existence. Sepulcros afflict us for a little less than forty minutes with songs that leave no way out since the title (Marcha Funebre, Magno Caos, Humana Vacuidade, Hecatombe) leaving permanent marks on our mortal flesh. Very good indeed.

2021 – Transcending Obscurity Records