Wurmloch – The Gloaming Tide

Arpad Takač is essentially the first to offer a convincing form of funeral in Serbia, capable of going beyond the amateurish attempts that have been made so far in the Balkan country. The musician from Temerin, with his new solo project Wurmloch, does not create anything unmissable but uses the experience gained since the early years of the century in the metal scene of Voivodína and, with the ep The Gloaming Tide, has the merit of offering twenty minutes of linear music but quite enveloping, although without exhibiting particularly peculiar elements. The acoustic parts are quite effective while the rough edges appear more predictable although pleasant, sufficiently melodic and well inserted in the compositional context. Basically, as a first release, there’s nothing to complain about, but it goes without saying that in the next occasion we can expect something even more substantial both in size and quality.

2021- Independent