Ember Sun – On Earth and Heaven

Another solo project of great value emerges from Greece, a country in which the funeral has not found great representation in terms of quality. The good Lorthar, a musician who, judging by the little that can be obtained at a biographical level, should already be quite experienced, having been in the last century among the founders of the Order of the Ebon Hand, one of the first Hellenic black metal realities, offers with this debut of his Ember Sun an interpretation certainly different in approach and style compared to both Shattered Hope and Aeonian Sorrow, so much so that even in this case the subgenre does not follow the most canonical stylistic deviating in more than one case towards an atmospheric doom, if not sometimes approaching the ambient tout court. Of course the title track On Earth and Heaven leaves no doubts about the matrix of the sound that develops on coordinates not far from Comatose Vigil, but this wonderful track remains in its own way an isolated case, not for quality but for style, if it is true that the subsequent Ember Heart of Me refers more to a gothic doom at times smelling of Paradise Lost. Not even the final My Essence Fades in Time leaves any doubts about the compositional mastery of Lorthar, who is able to move with a certain ease between the folds of extreme doom, always putting in the foreground a melodic and atmospheric taste of the first class, as evidenced by the two opening tracks, which in turn have nuances quite distinct from the rest of the tracklist. That’s why labeling On Earth and Heaven as funeral can be not only a mistake but also counterproductive for the work of this excellent Athenian musician, able with a proposal so varied and well finished to attract the attention of a potentially wider audience.

2021 -Aural Music / Code666