Maybeshewill – No Feeling Is Final

The less young may remember a wonderful ensemble from the nineties called Penguin Cafè Orchestra: well, I like the idea of using that name as a possible term of comparison for Maybeshewill, an English combo whose approach, on closer inspection, is not so dissimilar, with the exception of stronger and more rock-oriented rhythms but with the same taste for elegant and melancholic compositions, mainly of instrumental matrix. Here, too, the strings make the difference, transporting the sound to an orchestral matrix and a cinematic approach that avoids any risk of pomposity or redundancy. The band has been around since 2006 and at the height of a brilliant run broke up ten years later, only to be called back in 2018 for a live reunion by none other than Robert Smith, thus laying the ideal foundations for the release of their sixth full length entitled No Feeling Is Final. The album is a real blessing for the ears of those who prefer other genres, because here there is above-average talent and class and it is not easy to offer fifty minutes of music of such characteristics while maintaining a constantly high emotional rate of the work. Whether you call it post rock or whatever you prefer, No Feeling Is Final is a breath of fresh air, not only musically if you want to grasp the messages launched by the quintet of Leicester, which will be good for those who need every now and then to break away from listening to dark sounds and heavy riffs like boulders, just to avoid the unfortunate risk of saturation.

2021 – The Robot Needs Home Collective / Wax Bodega / New Noise / Birds Robe