Lady Mortis – Winter Farewell Poem

Here I am dealing with one of those damned anachronistic albums that can only appeal to those who don’t give a damn about the fact that the music played on it’s anything but innovative and of impeccable sound. Lady Mortis is the project of Brazilian Lutus (André Bandina), a musician active in various extreme projects in the area gravitating between Campinas and São Paulo, and Winter Farewell Poem is his second full length after his debut in 2019. He seems to come straight out of the nineties, exhibiting the sounds that at the time were carried on with dignity by the many minor bands that followed in the wake of My Dying Bride, but also casting more than one eye on The Gathering’s Always, adding in this case a black metal background that cannot be more true; although he decides not to do everything alone and is accompanied by four companions, the album is equally full of imperfections but, at the same time, also of passages with a remarkable impact that make this half hour of music pleasant to the ears of fans who don’t forget to have grown up listening to music played by improbable devices (if Italy we defined it “cassette eaters” there must have been a reason). One could object that in 2021 such an offer comes at least out of time, but it’s irresistible the perverse fascination that such an artisanal musical expression exerts on me, making me prefer it to certain polished productions lacking in flaws but also in emotional impulses.

2021 – Independent