Sullen Guest – Chapter III

After having recently talked about Sinamort, here’s another Lithuanian band, this time coming from the capital Vilnius, dedicated to death doom sounds, even if this happens with a more extreme and less gothic propensity compared to their compatriots; all in all, staying in the Baltic area, Sullen Guest are more similar to the Latvian neighbours Frailty, for a harsh interpretation of the subgenre but not without melodic openings. On the other hand, in the last five years these guys have produced an ep and two full lengths, so the foundations for a work of a certain thickness have already been widely laid. Chapter III is a convincing work that deserves the due attention even if it’s useless to go around it: the fact that many good albums are released in this field is a good news but it’s inevitable that the spaces for inclusion, especially for less known bands, are really limited, so the risk of falling into an undeserved oblivion is concrete. In my opinion Sullen Guest have quality arrows in their bow, in the form of songs like Samsara, not at all trivial but suggestive of a potential perhaps not yet fully expressed and an encouraging willingness to try every now and then to differentiate themselves from the masses.

2021 – Metallurg Music