Wisp – The Insomniac

At a first listening, this debut work by Wisp would turn out to be a pleasant surprise if you thought of a new name able to offer with such mastery an instrumental black doom; in fact, when you discover the name of the person behind the project, that is Joe Hawker of Ethereal Shroud, the initial astonishment leaves room to the awareness of being in front of the umpteenth work of thickness of this talented English musician. Waiting for the release of Trisagion, a new album expected at the end of the year for his main project, Hawker ideally prepares the ground with The Insomniac, containing two long tracks full of melancholic melody: The first, Stand Before the Sky, is more solemn and based on atmospheres produced mostly by keyboards, while Faint of Heart has a mainly guitar character and presents slower and more evocative rhythms, a real trademark of this musician who is able to produce melodies in profusion within extreme metal structures. However, this is not the case of Wisp, with which Joe shows a more persuasive face, presumably reserving some roughness in more to the upcoming and presumably new Ethereal Shroud label.

2021 – Independent