Wooden Veins – In Finitude

There is no doubt that one of the most influential Chilean musicians, at least in the last ten years, answers to the person of Juan Escobar, for what he did in the final phase of the history of the great Mar de Grises, of course, but also for his partnership with Riccardo Veronese in Aphonic Threnody as well as with his solo project Astorvoltaires and, more recently, with Føg. Also worth mentioning is his live collaboration with Mourning Sun, a band led by the magnificent voice of Ana Carolina, a perfect interpreter of the music composed by Eduardo Poblete. He took on the same tasks with Wooden Veins, finding in Escobar an ideal partner and in vocalist Javier Cerda Javier Cerda the author of the beautiful lyrics from his book Poética de Arturo H. Lobos. If In Finitude is a deep album on a conceptual level, it is equally deep on a musical level, even if from two musicians whose background is clearly rooted in doom, it may come as a surprise that the scene is dominated by an ethereal and elegant post-rock that is intertwined with impulses coming from the Swedish lands, seeing Katatonia and Opeth as potential references in more than one case. The album has all the merits and the few flaws that are often inherent in such solutions: songs with a strong emotional impact alternate with others less incisive, although impeccable in every other aspect, especially because, lacking fundamentally of changes of pace, the sound should be constantly melodic and intense without the slightest failure to reach perfection. Having said that, the first work of Wooden Veins is definitely successful, thanks to a very high average quality, even if the renunciation of the metal component could disorientate those who approach the album attracted by the names involved. We are certainly in the presence of a quality project that has the potential to offer something even more engaging in the future.

2021 – The Vinyl Division