Extreme Cold Winter – World Exit

Despite being a project that has been running for over a decade, Extreme Cold Winter made their first appearance in 2016 with an ep to finally land on full length this year with World Exit. It’s undeniable that the main reason of interest for doom fans is the fact of finding within this Dutch trio Pim Blankestein, historical vocalist of Officium Triste who, apart from his guest appearances in the first Clouds albums, has been involved in the past with another band only with The 11th Hour. A.J. van Drenth (guitar and bass) and Seth van de Loo (drums), two names well known in the extreme scene of the Netherlands, provide instrumental and compositional support to Pim’s growl, creating a death doom not too harsh but not particularly melodic, well executed and corrosive enough but all in all without unforgettable touches. The experience of the trio guarantees anyway a good product that can be only partially a panacea for those who are waiting for something new from Officium Triste, considering the objective stylistic differences although, in fact, the subgenre practiced is the same.

2021 – Hammerheart Records