Saattue – Vain toinen heistä

Saattue are one of the countless Finnish death doom bands and this can be a guarantee but also suggests a certain sonic homologation. Probably the band coming from Riihimäki, a town that gave birth to Skepticism and Colosseum, just to make you understand the air that you breathe there, probably will not be remembered among the most important ones born from that scene, but you can not deny them a rather personal style, which comes not only from the use of the mother tongue. In fact, the band founded twenty years ago under the moniker Kiduttajat, which already saw the work of Tero Kalliomäki and Harri Lampinen, who are still in line-up today, injects into its sound a typically Finnish scent, something that, without being explicit, brings us back to folk and traditional music. On top of all this, Saattue add a strong death doom superstructure without skimping on melodic openings, using a sufficiently varied singing style. If the use of the Finnish idiom can automatically lead to a parallelism with Kaunis Kuolematon, we are very wrong, because if the latter are much more oriented to dramatic and melancholic sounds, but well inserted in the stylistic framework, Saattue don’t have the same elegance, but they reach goals that are not dissimilar even in their sometimes ungainly appearance. Just genuineness, a pinch of unpredictability and however a considerable experience put in by most of the musicians involved are the characteristics that make Vain toinen heistä an album not to be overlooked, even if it will not change the hierarchies of the subgenre.

2021 – Independent