Ophis – Spew Forth Odium

Ophis, one of the most important bands in the German death doom scene, are back after four years with their fifth full length. The line-up, compared to the previous The Dismal Circle, has been largely revolutionized but what matters is that at the reins there is always Philipp Kruppa, founder and main engine of the Hamburg-based band. Spew Forth Odium fully confirms the skills as well as the sound that Ophis have offered during their long career, placing itself as an ideal junction between extreme death doom, melodic death doom, funeral and classic doom. Also for these characteristics the work does not have the classic driving song or a moment more suggestive and emotionally charged than others, as the proposal finds its main merit in the compactness as well as in the feeling that there are no notes or superfluous passages in the whole offer. Kruppa rages, without any exception in clean, with his convincing growl, leading to the port yet another work of absolute value weblog Ophis.

2021 – F.D.A. Records