Lake Of Depression – Black Oceans

Even though the project started in 2005, the core of Lake Of Depression‘s activity is contained in the last two years, which saw the release of their debut full length Decadencia, followed by this latest Black Oceans. The band created by Panamanian musician Ricardo Brenes has evolved slowly, but today it has reached a focus on the idea of funeral doom that he has been pursuing for years, also with the parallel project Doomslut. Black Oceans turns out to be a sort of compressed and essential version of Decadencia, from which the ambient dilutions and the more interlocutory moments are skimmed. In little more than half an hour, with three tracks of just over ten minutes in length, Ricardo offers an incisive sound that truly plunges one into the black oceans of existential and spiritual unease with no possibility of rising. The sound unfolds slowly and envelopingly, convincing from the first to the last note and, above all, without finding an immediate stylistic counterpart in other bands, even though it does not exhibit sounds that are particularly experimental or contaminated with other genres. Apart from the contribution of his faithful travelling companion, bassist Eduardo Vargas, Brenes does practically everything on his own, including the distribution of the album through his label Jaibanà Records; if at first Lake Of Depression could be curious primarily for their origin from a nation outside the metal scene, today the reasons for interest derive exclusively from the goodness of a proposal that is appreciated for an expression of quality not taken for granted.

2021 – Jaibaná Records