Autumn Nostalgie – Ataraxia

Gergely Almásy is a Slovak musician who, after an activity limited to the local area, tries to acquire a more international breath with this solo project called Autumn Nostalgie, which offers a melodic black metal rather convincing. The arrival on a credible label such as Northern Silence Productions should help the Šamorín musician to bring an interesting proposal out of the patriotic borders, which oscillates between rhythmic and pressing tracks, rich in hints close to folk, and others more intimist and airy, all with excellent results only a little affected by a scream that is not exactly a masterpiece and made partially difficult by the use of the Hungarian idiom (after all, the Slovakian area where Almásy resides has a Magyar ethnic and linguistic majority). Even the assonance with Finnish, which is part of the same linguistic stock, contributes to make the songs contained in Ataraxia closer to the sounds of bands like Moonsorrow than to that atmospheric post-black suggested in the presentation, and overall the work does not disfigure at all, also because our composer shows compositional skills of a certain thickness. Moreover, it is curious to discover how the title of the album is a tribute to the Italian band of the same name that, according to what Gergely said, would have contributed with their music to make him regain contact with a reality that he was gradually losing (which can not surprise those who know the greatness of the group led by Francesca Nicoli and Vittorio Vandelli). Being a project of recent birth (Ataraxia is the second full length, but the previous Esse Est Percipi dates back only a year ago) future developments in different stylistic directions are not unlikely, what remains is however the good value of this work signed Autumn Nostalgie.

2021 – Northern Silence Productions