Mortiferum – Preserved In Torment

Playing old school death doom and being able to offer a convincing version worthy of attention is not at all easy nowadays, also because dedicating oneself to the above mentioned subgenre in its less sweetened and substantially devoid of any melodic appeal may appear to most people as something anachronistic. In truth, when everything is performed with the ability and stubbornness of the American Mortiferum, what reaches the ears of the listener is a load of morbidity hardly found in other musical expressions. The Olympia-based band is of relatively recent formation, having to their credit before this latest Preserved In Torment, only one other full length, Disgorged from Psychotic Depths, dating back to 2019, and draws its core from the grind death combo Caustic Wound, from which come Max Bowman (vocals and guitar), Chase Slaker (guitar) and Tony Wolf (bass), to whom is added Alex Mody, drummer also of those Ēōs who, a few years ago, had exhibited with three demos released at close range a funeral of value that has not been followed up since. The non-trivial work of Mody is one of the aspects that immediately jump to attention within a proposal that, while not shirking the inevitable stylistic elements of the sector, exhibits the best part of it, offering itself as a meal not only to ravenous fans of death tout court but also to those who have appreciated the most extreme aspects of doom manifested in the early nineties, thanks to several excellent bands as ephemeral duration such as Sorrow (who wanted to try to find their Hatred And Disgust of 1992). For the rest, an impeccable growl and catacombic riffs, together with furious and precise accelerations, complete the picture that makes Preserved In Torment a highly recommended work.

2021 – Profound Lore Records