Death Has Spoken – Call Of The Abyss

Among the death doom bands that manage to maintain an enviable balance between extreme and melodic soul, the Polish Death Has Spoken find a well-deserved place. With Call Of The Abyss they reach their second full length after the 2017 debut entitled Fade. If conceptually the Bialystok band draws on the inexhaustible literary source given to us by H.P.Lovecratf, at a stylistic level the proposal appears sufficiently rough, often with some points towards the funeral, while maintaining a perceptible melancholic aftertaste that finds its ideal sublimation in a beautiful track like In Vain. The quartet disentangles itself in the best way, offering a quite clean and well performed sound, which keeps faith with the atmosphere announced by a cover of a certain impact. As for many other bands dedicated to this subgenre, also for Death Has Spoken we can make a similar observation, that is the difficulty to emerge in a fairly overcrowded area despite the objective goodness of the proposal and, in this sense, certainly does not help the absence of a label behind as a fundamental support point to try to spread in a more articulate way their music. Therefore, the only thing we can say to the Polish guys is to continue on this way, exploiting the natural margins of improvement, with the hope of finding all the ideal conditions at the next occasion.

2021 – Ossuary Records