Olympus Mons – Healer

Olympus Mons‘ debut album confirms that, apart from numbers not even remotely comparable to those of other countries, including Eastern Europe, the Romanian metal scene hardly offers mediocre bands in terms of quality. The Bucharest band immediately presents a full length entitled Healer and, just to leave no stone unturned, in several tracks welcomes the voice of Aaron Stainthorpe, mostly struggling with recitals, leaving the burden of growl to Victor Frunza. If it’s normal that a band called Olympus Mons avails itself of the imprimatur of the frontman of someone who has been in the empyrean of gothic doom for thirty years, it’s less obvious the compositional ability displayed by the quintet who, without revolutionizing the established schemes, offers three quarters of an hour of sounds soaked in melancholy as well as in splendid melodic ideas. On the other hand, the presence of the illustrious guest is just one more reason to attract the listener to a band at its first discographic step, since in the economy of the album Aaron’s presence is of relative importance. Healer, in fact, is a work that stands abundantly on its own legs because Olympus Mons include musicians already experienced and able to interpret the best sound that, if exhibited without the necessary inspiration, is likely to be just boring.

2021 – Independent