For The Storms – The Grieving Path

For The Storms are a trio from Brescia, Italy, at their first release under this moniker, which they assumed after a period of activity as Shantak that, in the last decade, yielded a demo and a full length. In their previous incarnation, Federico Albini (bass), Fabio Pierani (guitar and drums) and Nicola Belotti (vocals) were dedicated to melodic death, but today the sound takes on much darker connotations, stylistically brushing up against one of the best death doom bands ever from overseas, Daylight Dies. This combination is worth above all as an ideal reference to understand what is the proposal of For The Storms, which precisely don’t refer to the most prolific and perhaps most imitated Northern European scene, preferring an approach that maintains a strong death component, but diluted by a melodic and dark character. The result is an album of surprising value as The Grieving Path, devoid of weaknesses and therefore able to show itself without loss of tension along its five tracks distributed in three quarters of an hour of duration. The Lombardy guys dispel any doubts about their competence regarding the subgenre with the two excellent opening tracks and what follows is the logical consequence, even when they renounce to the not banal contribution of Belotti’s voice giving in closing an instrumental of great value as Unbound. At least at the Italian level, within the sounds I follow on the blog, this debut full length of For The Storms is probably the most pleasant surprise of the year that is heading into its twilight; now it only remains to work so that The Grieving Path, released a bit on the quiet and without the support of a label, find the appropriate channels of dissemination.

2021 – Independent