Genune – Inert & Unerring

Very interesting this release of the Romanian band Genune, a trio dedicated to a post black music of great depth, which is surprising up to a certain point considering that in the line-up we find Cosmin Farc─âu and Dragos C., guitarists in the last two Descend Into Despair albums. These references are not everything, but they prove to be indicative of a certain basic quality, given the value of the mother band (even if Dragos is no longer part of it, as far as we know), although in music the transitive properties are not always applicable. Inert & Unerring is the second full length for Genune, who had already shown themselves in 2018 with Cern Sol, and consists of four rather long tracks in which the pair on the six strings provide due rhythmic and melodic support to vocalist and bassist Istvan, author of a scream in line with expectations. More liquid and introspective moments alternate with outbursts of black matrix, making the sound offered a sort of cascadian in Romanian version and, on the other hand, ours emphasize with a certain conviction their geographical origin since the cover, reinforcing the concept with a title like Eastern European Discontent, the final track as well as the most incisive within a work that should be appreciated by the fans of these sounds.

2021 – Loud Rage Music