Antim Sanskar – Antim Sanskar

Antim Sanskar made their debut two years ago with the interesting ep The Final Path, a work in which various sound nuances between doom and post metal were conveyed. At that time the band was actually a duo formed by the founder and creator of the whole thing, Indian Sunay Bhat (vocals), and Austrian Desderoth (various instruments). The release of the first full length self-titled instead takes place in the form of a trio since Sunay and Desderoth use the services of guitarist Riccardo Veronese, musician well known being the soul of Aphonic Threnody, not to mention the militancy in other bands in the sector (Towards Atlantis Lights, Arrant Saudade). The contribution of the London musician defines in a more doom way the sound, and it’s undeniable that the most poignant and convincing passages coincide with his solo incursions, resting on the soft keyboard carpet forged by Desderoth. Sunay alternates growl with clean tones, not always orthodox but convincing for the interpretative pathos, aligning himself somehow to the somewhat naive mood that hovers over the whole work. This means that the many good intuitions are not always rendered in the best way, and along the work there are several poignant and emotionally impacting moments, especially in the two best tracks, The Feral Child and Embers of the Ancient Flame, and others more interlocutory and less convincing. Moreover, it’s possible to find a certain stylistic inhomogeneity resulting from the different phases and compositional minds, it is worth listening to the final track Die, Decay, Disintegrate, an episode of death doom as good as bitter composed by Veronese that, however, has little or nothing to do with the melodic and evocative nature exhibited by Antim Sanskar until that moment. In short, the geographic and stylistic heterogeneity reveals itself at the same time as a virtue and a defect of a project, however, interesting and in perspective absolutely worthy of attention.

2021 – Independent