Pilgrimage – Sigil of the Pilgrim Sun

The year 2021 in its twilight continues to offer albums of considerable thickness in the field of death doom and this time it’s the turn of Pilgrimage, a transnational project at its debut with Sigil of the Pilgrim Sun. The musicians involved in the operation are mostly Maltese, in the persons of Sean Pollacco (bass), Dino Mifsud Lepre (drums) and Dario Pace Taliana (vocals), to which is added the Dutch Eric Hazebroek (guitar); The quartet’s past reveals considerable experience in the field, with the three islanders involved, albeit at different times, in the historic gothic doom band Weeping Silence, while the guitarist took part in the last three albums of the magnificent Marcela Bovio’s Stream Of Passion before their dissolution. Having said the references, since the first notes it is clear that the intent of ours is to combine an approach in some ways classic / old school with the brilliant melodies created by the six-string Hazebroek: the intent is admirably achieved by delivering to fans a series of songs engaging and robust, with Taliana’s growl that does not give discounts, except for a few incursions in clean, and a thumping rhythm section that prepares the ground for the painful solo excursions of the Dutchman. During the presentation many bands are mentioned that have marked the history of gothic death doom but Pilgrimage, in the end, can not remember one in particular, making their sound an ideal place of convergence where to elaborate and transform these possible influences in an unassailable proposal from the point of view of composition and execution. Daniel Neagoe also contributes to enriching the work, both by taking care of the artwork and by lending his voice to the penultimate track Silent Descent Into Solitude which, after a softer beginning inevitably in Clouds style, then unravels along its new minutes in a much rougher but no less intense way. Having said that a song of the beauty of Through the Well of Starlight is not that is churned out every day, we can only warmly recommend to those who appreciate these sounds this first work of Pilgrimage, which should be approached with confidence but also with a certain dedication, since it is the typical work that can grow after each listening.

2021 – Sleaszy Rider