Horre – Posthumous

One of the most interesting minor realities of Finnish funeral is the moniker Horre, the solo project of Jesse Laatikainen. The young man from Janakkala has just started his career but has already proved to be more prolific than average, having published two ep’s and as many full lengths so far. The sub-genre offered in this last ep Posthumous is as always quite minimal and without particular jolts but, compared to the previous releases, I seem to catch a greater propensity towards folk moods, although circumscribed in the funeral area and then rendered in the form of melancholic acoustic arpeggios. Personally, I see in Jesse’s work a certain potentiality and in fact this half an hour of music is really pleasant, because the sound is melodic and enveloping enough to deserve the attention of those who are looking for new names. In this regard, I wonder why in Finland no label, no matter how small, has not thought so far to give Laatikainen the opportunity to spread his music to a relatively wider audience than the searchers on bandcamp, also because the funeral performed here is very Finnish in nature and references.

2021 – Independent