TodoMal – Ultracrepidarian

Another interesting debut work by a band made up of very experienced musicians is this Ultracrepidarian by the Spanish band TodoMal; in fact, the duo from the Castile-La Mancha community consists of two names that have been active in the national metal scene since the last century, ranging from bands and projects dedicated to the most diverse styles. Specifically, Christopher Baque-Wildman (vocals and instruments) and Javier Fern├índez Milla (instruments), before TodoMal, were also a couple in Nexus 6 and Harmpit in the last decade, so this is undoubtedly a well-established association and it is not surprising that this first approach in doom territory proves to be extremely convincing. Ultracrepidarian is a work that finds its foundations in the classic version of the genre on which, then, ours build a rather personal sound that ranges from atmospheric and cosmic impulses to escapes in the progressive, while maintaining the connotations of departure, by virtue of the stentorian vocal interpretation and in the tradition of the good Wildman. The album turns out to be far from the calligraphic re-propositions of the sonorities codified by Candlemass and subsequent genius, mostly lacking in emotional impulses and appreciable more for the form than for the substance. In Ultracrepidarian we never get bored, since these good musicians show different faces in every track without losing a high quality compositional thread that finds its peaks in two tracks like Gods Fucking In The Sky, with its marked prog pulsions, and the title track, obscure and dramatic in its solemn procession: enough to make TodoMal‘s debut one of the best of the year in this stylistic field.

2021 – The Vinyl Division