Odradek Room – Painted Mind

I had come across the Ukrainian band Odradek Room at the time of MetalEyes when they released their second full length A Man Of Silt, and I was well impressed by their progressive death doom offering, which is complex but at the same time deep and full of remarkable insights. The return to the long distance comes four years later with Painted Mind, a work that fully confirms the skills of the band led by singer, guitarist and keyboardist Artyom Krikhtenko; this time, however, a certain compositional restlessness seems to have been reduced in favour of a partially more linear approach, thus favouring the enjoyment of the numerous melodic cues exhibited in the course of just over half an hour of music. If the turnover may seem a bit reduced compared to the average, as well as the previous albums of the same Odradek Room, it must be said, however, that each track is accompanied by a video containing disturbing animations, anticipating in this sense of about a month what would have been done similarly by Swallow The Sun. This artifice makes it easier to identify with the story of a band that, taking the moniker from a work by Kafka, can only move between the interstices of psychic and existential distress. When I spoke of a greater usability of Painted Mind compared to A Man Of Silt I don’t want you to misunderstand, because the sound offered by the band from Mariupol is still quite personal and needs several listenings to be properly decrypted, an effort that is bound to leave a considerable satisfaction in the listener.

2021 – BadMoodMan