Carved In Stone – Wafts of Mist & The Forgotten Belief

Folk in its purest forms, imbued with true spirituality, is always something that has the power to reconcile me with the ugliness of everyday life. Swawa (Ilona Jeschke) is a German musician who has been part of pagan black bands in the early years of the century. At the same time, her solo project Carved In Stone took its first steps, but after a period of intense production, we had to wait fourteen years before listening to unreleased material. A long wait, but rewarded by a splendid work in its lightness, demonstrating that the material, when treated with introspective bases by German musicians, ends up possessing an extra gear. Several years ago I was impressed by the profound beauty of the debut album by W├Âljager, a one-off project by Marcel Dreckmann of Helrunar, and this Wafts of Mist & The Forgotten Belief by Carved In Stone, a work that is only apparently simple but in reality very well-prepared and rich in details that become pleasant to discover at every listening session, is an ideal counterpart with female vocals. Swawa alternates tracks in English with others in his mother tongue, and I’m not surprised to prefer the latter for the more austere tone that this idiom can give. From the title you can guess that the work consists of two different albums in terms of time: in fact, if Wafts of Mist is the actual collection of unreleased tracks, The Forgotten Belief includes the songs of the homonymous first work dating back to 2002. It must be said that one does not perceive a great difference, despite the wide gap of time between the two albums, an aspect that is favoured by a genre in which the musical base, consisting of an acoustic guitar sometimes accompanied by some wood or enriched by the notes produced by the Celtic harp or piano, is less subject to suffer the passage of time. Perhaps the older songs have a more traditional and less mystical matrix than the newer ones, but there is no downside to listening to the whole as if it were a single work, because Swawa’s skill never fails from the first note of Night to the last of Im Saal voller Licht.

2021 – Schwarzdorn Production