Lifeblood – Melancholic Euphoria

The opportunity to listen again to some well-made depressive black, with wide doom connotations, is provided by the new full length of the Japanese Lifeblood, back with Melancholic Euphoria six years after the previous Shattered Wishes, interspersed with a split album in 2019. Japan is a land where sounds of this kind seem to take root and bear good fruit, even if it is often not easy to understand whether this comes from an authentic feeling or a mere aesthetic expression of pain. In any case, this work has all the credentials to find admirers from both the black and the doom side, thanks to the good balance between the components that the trio from Tokyo introduces along a little more than three quarters of an hour of painful music divided into eight tracks (including a short interlude). The title track and the following Fading into Oblivion represent Lifeblood‘s sound at its best, convincing with their dsbm slowed down to touch funeral territories with the remarkable closing track Ostentation and Decadence. The album is obviously released under the aegis of Makoto Fujishima’s Weird Truth Productions (Funeral Moth), for almost twenty years the authentic tutelary deity of Japanese extreme doom.

2021 – Weird Truth Productions