Lamentum – The Dark Lake

While the Mexican extreme doom scene is rather stingy when it comes to funeral music, there are some notable death doom bands on the scene, Majestic Downfall and Matalobos in particular. Recently, Lamentum have also appeared, authors with The Dark Lake of a good long-distance debut marked by a melodic impetus that makes you willingly turn a blind eye to the somewhat naive approach to the matter. The excellent guitar lines conquer at the first listening, reminding at times Paradise Lost as well as Septic Flesh of Esoptron in the slower passages. The guys from Tampico give us a good work with a really enjoyable result, even if susceptible to improvements as it’s natural for a band at its beginnings; it’s just a pity for having placed the classic pseudo-lyrical female voice in moments where it had nothing to do (like in the cover of Drowned Maid by Amorphis), but they are not the first and neither will they be the last to suffer this kind of choice, more questionable when the guest’s contribution is not impeccable. So let’s wait for Lamentum’s next release, after having laid a promising foundation with The Dark Lake.

2021 – Narcoleptica Productions