Black Blood of the Earth – Bleak Light, Fervent Dark

Although their debut demo dates back to 2011, Poland’s Black Blood of the Earth finally make their long-distance debut a good ten years later; all the time that has passed since their previous release, 2013’s Wave of Cold ep, must have been definitely well spent, as the proof offered with Bleak Light, Fervent Dark is beyond convincing. The death doom of the trio from ToruĊ„ is much more rhythmic than the average and often comes close to melodic death by virtue of a rather catchy approach; also for this reason the work unfolds in a fluent way but this is not synonymous with an excessive lightness in the contents, because Black Blood of the Earth go straight to the point without renouncing to the necessary roughness but, if anything, avoiding the use of easy solutions or the inclusion of facile artifices such as clean vocals or lyrics. Seven effective and well-executed tracks, spread over three quarters of an hour, are the first substantial legacy of a band that we will hopefully hear from again.

2021 – Art of the Night Productions