Gruulvoqh – Dreams of the Savant

Gruulvoqh is the latest in chronological order among the various projects born from the mind of Stijn Van Cauter, one of the most important and prolific names in European extreme doom. Although Until Death Overtalkes Me remain the artistic focus of the Belgian musician, it must be said that the most recent incarnations such as Arcane Voidsplitter and, indeed, Gruulvoqh are those that stand out among the others, being united by a cosmic halo that in this Dreams of the Savant, second full length under this aegis, is exhibited in a suffused and dreamy way for over an hour, perhaps putting a strain on those who would like to hear something more metallic, but convincing overall in its explicitness as a sort of soundtrack of a hypothetical and infinite intergalactic journey. The guitar assumes only a rhythmic value, leaving to the keyboards the task of leading the sound on which often stands out the synthetic reproduction of female vocalizations; certainly the considerable length of the work can repel at the beginning a good part of the potential audience, but everything must be enjoyed in the same way of an ambient music album, where the notes do not physically interact with the listener but go to build a pleasant background sound favorable to meditation and reflection. Keeping these warnings in mind, Dreams of the Savant can be transformed into an ideal parenthesis within the frenzy that grips us daily.

2021 – Independent