Iniquitatem – Through Dead Forests, He Dwells

Iniquitatem is the name of a project, born from the impetus of the prolific Swedish musician Swartadauþuz, who until now had offered two albums of dark ambient sounds, with the new full length Through Dead Forests, He Dwells coordinates move decisively towards a funeral doom atmospheric, very orthodox in its procession bradicardico but at the same time enveloping and exciting. To this change of stylistic direction can not have been extraneous to the entry on the scene of a second protagonist in the person of Déhà, of whose exploits I avoid to make a summary again not to bore those who have time to waste following this blog where I have already repeatedly woven all the possible praises of the Belgian musician. The new configuration of Iniquitatem sees the founder playing keyboards and everything needed to create an atmospheric carpet, while the newcomer takes care of vocals, guitar and drums; the combination provides results up to expectations, as Through Dead Forests, He Dwells gives three quarters of an hour of funeral for connoisseurs, so of great beauty but not really for all ears. On the sound carpet prepared by Swartadauþuz leans the essential guitar and rhythm work of Déhà, who completes the whole with his always effective growl, as well as some recited ideas; if it is undeniable and in some ways inevitable that the sound goes in more than one case in the vicinity of Slow, it must be said that here everything takes on an aura of pain and melancholy rather than dramatic, even by virtue of a further slowing and rarefaction of the compositional textures compared to the main incarnation of the Belgian funeral. The final product is a new and welcome reality served on the plate to fans of the subgenre, in the hope that the association between the two does not remain a one-off episode.

2021 – Amor Fati Productions