Psilocybe Larvae – Where Silence Dwells

The Russians Psilocybe Larvae are a band active since the last century, although it is certainly not among the best known of those struggling with the matter of death doom in their country, I do not think this depends on the quality of their offerings since the group founded by singer and guitarist Vitaly Belobritsky, the only remaining member of the lineup that recorded Stigmata, debut full length of 2000, has always enjoyed good feedback from the industry. Who knows, the fact remains that Psilocybe Larvae – whose peculiar moniker derives from the chorus of Whatever That Hurts, one of the leading songs of Tiamat’s masterpiece entitled Wildhoney (Honey tea, psilocybe larvae / Honeymoon, silver spoon / Psilocybe tea) – are back with Where Silence Dwells, their fifth long-distance release, nine years after their previous release The Labyrinth of Penumbra, and they have lived up to expectations and therefore have regained some attention. The sound of the band doesn’t draw sap from the funereal and melancholic death doom exhibited by many compatriots but, besides keeping some references to the older works of Edlund’s creature, it turns its gaze to the opposite shores of the Baltic, where that melodic death with dark veins proliferates, interpreted at its best by bands like Insomnium and In Mourning; Where Silence Dwells may not reach its quality peaks, but it is a work that flows with ease, with Belobritsky alternating with ease different vocal tones resting them on a sound carpet that is mostly pressing and almost never too slow. So this is a welcome return and anything but marginal.

2021 – Fono Ltd.