Kalakuta – By Will Alone

Kalakuta‘s music is a typical American death doom, quite essential and slowed down, with sludge nuances. We know little or nothing about the band, except for their geographical location in Colorado Springs, but this is not the point to discuss, but the objective goodness of this debut full length; By Will Alone is a work in which nothing is reinvented, but they try to successfully propose the sub-genre in its most credible guise, without forgetting the right melodic contribution and some more reflective passages. The peak of quality is reached with Famine Eternal, an enthralling track, at times more appealing than the rest of the tracklist, where the other three tracks, plus a short interlude represented by the title track, tell of a rough and intense approach, just enough for Kalakuta to be counted among the new realities to be kept under observation.

2021 – Independent