Echotide – Into The Half Light

The Australians Echotide are part of that sound strand, roughly definable as post-rock with cinematic connotations, which has seen as an admirable example of recent coinage the album by Maybeshewill (No Feeling Is Final). The trio from Brisbane formed by Samuel Mead, Matthew Martin and Michael Gagen moves along those grooves but, unlike the English band, does not put in the foreground the use of strings, preferring a conducting of the sound entrusted to the piano and soft guitar strokes; the result is almost similar because the sensitivity of these musicians allows them to create airy and enveloping sound paintings, although marked by a subtle but perceptible melancholic aftertaste. A more animated and masterful Another Road is the top of an album whose length does not weigh, by virtue of a spontaneity that makes its flow light; Into The Half Light is a new caress that music gives us to compensate for the hail of blows that life inflicts daily, leading us to dream of a better world that does not find correspondence in reality.

2021 – Independent