Ethereal Shroud – Trisagion

After the taste provided last year with the single Lantern and a few months ago with an ep under the moniker Wisp (The Insomniac), Joseph Hawker returns to long distance with his main project Ethereal Shroud, whose previous and only full length They Became the Falling Ash now dates back six years ago. The above-average goodness of the atmospheric black doom offered at the time finds further confirmation today with a work like Trisagion, which could deceptively seem to be an ep as well, in the light of the only three tracks on the tracklist, but which actually lasts well over an hour. This fact is already suggestive of the changing development of the individual tracks in which Hawker leaves no stone unturned in order to create wide and airy atmospheres, although always characterized by sustained rhythms and the typical scream matrix black. Describing the individual tracks is a pleonastic and at the same time complex operation, so the last recommendation is to fully immerse yourself in a work that does not skimp on moments of great emotional impact and that, despite its length, never lends the side to boredom or filler passages, but I think that anyone who had well memorized the contents of They Became the Falling Ash could not expect anything different from the irreproachable and indispensable work that is Trisagion. The only negative note to corollary of these lines concerns the decision, communicated by Hawker after the release of the album, to consider closed the experience of Ethereal Shroud and this is undoubtedly a pity, but on the other hand the English musician has made no secret of how much it cost him psychically (and also economically) the production of this work from the very long gestation and suffered: so we can only take note of it, hoping that Joseph’s talent and compositional sensitivity can still show itself in the near future through a new project.

2021 – Northern Silence Productions